Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Let's talk about food and eating well! Five simple rules for eating well

Rule One : through out your calorie counter Eating healthy is not about quantity, but about quality. You will find that you naturally eat the right balance of food if the food that you prepare and eat is made from fresh, preservative-free ingredients and you listen to your body when it tells you you've had enough.
Rule Two:explore the world of food Choose a varied diet that does not involve the same food repeatedly, as this can lead to food intolerance.
Rule Three: attune to the seasons Select seasonal foods that are grown locally,where available. Apart from the fact that these foods will be the most fresh,seasonal eating will help you to avoid eating the same foods month in,month out.
Rule Four: eat well Choose good quality foods and ,as much as possible, try not to be led by price. At least choose the best - quality organic produce you can afford.
Rule Five :eat naturally Prepare foods simply and naturally. Cook all your foods from fresh,bake or grill (broil) meats and fish ; and lightly steam your vegetables. In these ways you can preserve much of the nutritional value of your food.When you can, eat foods raw- cruditees of carrot and celery with a home-made organic hummus dip is delicious, healthy snack. And as much as possible, avoid microwaving, frying and roasting( which increase the action of free radicals in the body) , and steer clear of rich sauces, which your body body finds hard to digest.

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