Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Everybody Upside Down. Inversion Asanas

Physical benefit
  • Gives the heart a well deserved rest, as gravity helps to return venous blood to the heart.
  • Regular practice helps to strengthen the respiratory system and the circulation, keeping them flexible and slowing down the rate of breathing and the heartbeat when at rest. 
  • The body is generally enhanced by the deep breathing ,and the brain ,spine, and entire nervous system receive a rich supply of nutrients.This refreshes and rejuvenates the entire body.
  • Relieve varicose veins.

Mental benefits 

  • Increases memory,concentration, and intellectual capacity.
  • Enhance all the sensory faculties.

Pranic Benefits 

  • 'He who practice the Headstand (Sirshasana) for three hours daily conquers time'- Yoga Tatwa Upanishad
  • Sublimates  sexual drive by transmutting seminal energy into Ojas- Shakti. 

Various inverted asanas

Ardho Mukha Svanasana(Downward facing dog),Ardho Pincha Mayurasana( The Dolphin pose), Half-shoulder stand (Ardho Sarvangasana), Full shoulder stand (Sarvangasana),Halasana(The Plough), Headstand(Sirshasana),Ardho Mukha Vrksasana( Handstand).  

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