Monday, 2 January 2012

Sufi story :If something is given to you by nature, you cannot appreciate it.

A man came to a Sufi mystic and he said, “I am frustrated and I am going to commit suicide. I was just going to drown myself in the river and I saw you sitting on the bank. I thought. ‘Why not a last effort?’ I would like to know what you say.”
The mystic said, “Why are you so frustrated?”
The man said, “I have nothing. That’s why I’m frustrated – not a single pie. I’m the poorest man in the world, and I am suffering. And everything is so much effort – I’m tired of it. Just bless me so that I can die because I have such bad luck that whatsoever I do I always fail. I am afraid that even in suicide I’m going to fail.”
The mystic said, “You wait. If you are just going to commit suicide and you say that you don’t have anything, just give me one day. Tomorrow, I will manage.”
The next morning he took him to the emperor. The emperor was a disciple of the Sufi. He went into the palace, talked to the emperor, came back, took the man to the emperor and said to the man, “The emperor is ready to purchase your two eyes. And whatsoever cost you demand, he will give.”
The man said, “What do you think? Am I mad – to sell my eyes?”
The Sufi said, “You said you have nothing. Now, whatsoever you demand, whatsoever the cost – a million rupees, two million rupees, ten million rupees, a hundred million rupees – the king is ready to purchase the eyes. And just a few hours before, you were saying you have nothing – and you are not ready to sell the eyes? And you were going to commit suicide. And I have persuaded the king to purchase your ears also, your teeth also, your hands, your legs. You demand the cost and we will cut everything and give the money to you. You will be the richest man in the world.”
The man said, “I was thinking that you are a wise man – you seem to be a murderer!” The man escaped. He said. “Who knows, if I enter in the palace and the king is also mad like this and they start taking my eyes out…”
He escaped, but for the first time he realized how much cost you will demand for your eyes.

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